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We are very pleased with the craftsmanship of our home.  The Higbee's were always on time working hard to finish within budget, and we were extremely pleased with the whole process from start to finish. Paul helped guide us through the

beginning design phase right up to the very end. They take great pride in their work.  Thanks for a job well done!


Stephanie Timbrook

The Higbee's built our dream home for us.  It was a very complex projet that they made look easy.  Paul and his guys did an amazing job.  They did everything from framing the house, down to the small detailed finish carpentry work.  They were a pleasure to work with and always professional. Paul worked very closely with the architect ensuring that our vision would be created.  He built a great home that we are proud to call our own.

Thank you Paul and Sherman for everything!


Brett Matik

Paul's team has done several projects for us down at the shore over the years.  He has helped with interior design all the way up to building entire custom homes.  After years of working together you learn a lot about a person's character.  Paul is hardworking, honest, and very trustworthy.  When he gives his word that something will get done it not only gets done, it's done with percision, detail, and care.  He always builds keeping the client's budget in mind.  He never took any short cuts that would have compromised the intergrity of the job.  The higbee's are outstanding craftsmen and we would recommend them to anyone.


The Goldstein's

A tremendous amount of planning went into our project, and Paul was there to assist from start to finish.  There were plenty of decisions to be made along the way and we were impressed with how helpful Paul was in guiding us through our options. I have to say Paul and his father make a great team. Paul has an eye for detail and offers creative ideas that help enhance the project.  Sherman has 30 plus years of custom carpentry experience and was onsite everyday to oversee the project.  We are very pleased with our new home.  Thank you!


Caroline Pepe

We just had our beach home built by the Higbee's and we were thrilled with the end product.  It went very smoothly.  Paul showed a relaxed way of helping guide us through the many decisions. He had great design ideas and we implemented some as the project moved along.  His team was always willing to go the extra mile to help us at every juncture.  Paul traveled to upstate Pennsylvania with us to help us arrange our tile and granite selections.  In our experience not many contractors would take the time to go on an all day trip.  Even through the chaos of Hurricane Sandy, Paul managed to keep our project on schedule.  Paul is an honest contractor with integrity wand worked hard to stay within our budget.  He stands behind his work and made sure that it was done to the highest benchmark of quality.  Our home is beautiful and we look forward to spending many summers here with our family.


The Gordon's

We have all heard about construction nightmares and thankfully we had a great experience.  The whole process was very pleasant and there was never a problem.  Paul always offered great advice on how we could make the home more beautiful.  He had great architecturall and design ideas.  His carpentry crew, led by his father, was every bit of amazing. They put great care into every aspect of our home which turned out great and ahead of schedule while on budget.  I don't know what more you could ever ask out of a builder.  Feel free to use me as a reference any time.  Thank you Paul and Sherman for our new home and your friendship.


Jeff Ludwig

Thank you for our beautiful dream home at the shore!  After closely watching Paul and his team frame the home we knew we had picked the right builder.  The home required plenty of steel to keep an open flowing floor plan and it was built with precision and care.  The house was extremely well constructed with large timbers and insulation within the interior walls and floors. The house is solid, quite, and beautiful. Paul and his team put lots of extra effort into the quality of the woodwork, painting, and finishing. Paul is definitely a man of character and we would highly recommend him to anyone looking to build or remodel a home.



Dr. Jeffrey Joseph


We recently moved into the area and didn't know many quality builders.  Paul stepped up and exceeded our expectations and provided a quality job on time.  Paul was never big on paperwork or change orders, so I was always fearful of a problem.  Well I have to say, not only did the whole project run smoothly, it was a pleasurable experience! Everything he said he would do, he did, and charged what he said he would, or in some cases, even less when things went faster than he thought.  It is nice to know there still are people out there with integrity that truly care about their customers.  Paul has a great family owned and operated business.  If you are in the market for a contractor I would hightly recommend Linwood Builders.


The Lapham's

Paul had done both new construction for me and an entire house remodel.  I have to say the level of carpentry work was second to none.  Also, all of his crew was hard working, respectful, and a pleasure to be around.  Paul not only is a great craftsman, but also has a great eye for architectural detail.   He came up with suggestions all the time to help improve the project.  Also he came up with ideas on how to save money with accomplishing the same look.  Both projects turned out fatastic looking and on budget.  Anyone looking to build should definitely feel comfortable in using the Higbee's. They are family owned and operated, true craftsmen, and people you can trust.  Feel free to use me as a reference any time. Thanks.


Paul Tighe

Due to CAFRA and wetland regulations we had to keep the footprint of our old home.  It would have been much easier for us to tear down and build an entirely new home, but that was not possible.  The Higbee's reconstructed our house one piece at a time.  To complicate matters we had to live there throughout the construction process.  Paul and his crew worked diligently, and respectfully around us. Paul truly cares about his customers and their well-being.  The whole process ran very smooothly and we would highly recommend the Higbee's for any size construction project you might have.


The Howson's

The Higbee's built our new home and everything was done to the utmost precision and detail.  The architectural detail on the exterior and the custom interior woodwork was very skillfully created. Visitors to our home remark on our lovely kitchen and bathrooms, as well as the open floor plan.  We knew about your company's reputation for building fine homes in our area.  We appreciate your team's hard work and are enjoying our new home!


Dr. Charles and Gwen Murphy

We get compliments all the time on our home. Your team did an outstanding job all around.  Our home looks the same today as the day we moved in. You should be very proud of your crew.  Thank you for a job well done and we wish you much success in the future.


Dr. Haitham and Faten Dib

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